Houston Photographer | Urban Teen Shoot Part 2

I almost forgot to come back and post the rest of the photos from the urban Downtown Houston teen boys photo shoot!

In Part 1 of this shoot I posted images of the boys skateboarding and I captured some serious portraits of the boys as well as some more fun and varied shots of them.

Today I’m sharing the last part of the shoot where we found an old, unused railroad track (safety first!) and some weedy, gritty, graffiti-covered walls.

Houston Senior Photography

It’s not too early to book your Class of 2015 Senior Photos!  I’ll be shooting all summer during the cooler morning hours and we can find a fun, unique location that suits you!  Call 281-974-8979 to book your Senior Photo Session!



Houston Photographer | Urban Teen Shoot Part 1

Whenever I get the chance, I love to schedule photo shoots just for fun.  I have several friends who are either hobbyists, or pro photographers, and we like to get together and shoot for fun.

A few weeks  ago, my friend Nikki Keith and I gathered 6 teen/tween boys and drove down to a nitty gritty part of Houston and had a blast shooting the boys in awesome urban settings.

We started near an old brewery and captured the boys hanging out with their skateboards.


I grabbed a few of the boys and snapped some portraits too.  What I love most about these portraits is how different each one is.  It is so important to me to capture each person I photograph in their own unique way.  I pose everyone a little differently, and I work very hard to create images that best reflect who they are as an individual.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, no cookie-cutter photography here.  I truly am a custom portrait photographer.  Each person I work with gets total custom treatment!


After we let the boys skate for a while, we drove over to another cool location.  We found some old loading docks with interesting graphics and  a little graffiti.


Then I walked over a few yards, and captured what might be my favorite shot from the day.  (I actually have several favorites from the day, but this one is ranked pretty high).


Then we got some amazing skyline shots.  I could shoot there day after day and not get bored!  I took some liberties and played around with photoshop and colors.  It’s so important to take time and shoot just for fun and play and try new things!



That’s just a sample of the fun shots we got that day.   I’ll be posting part 2 of this shoot later this week!

Even though the school year is almost over, I’ll still be shooting all summer.  I like to shoot year round.  Call me to schedule your unique custom photo shoot!  We can find a great location that suits your style!  281-974-8979

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Klein Oak Senior Photographer | Houston Senior Photographer

Class of 2014 is coming to a close.  A bittersweet time for families and students.  Lots of looking back at high school memories, and looking forward to the future.  I’m so happy to be able to capture this time for seniors.

Today I’m blogging another senior mini session.  This beautiful girl is a senior at Klein Oak HS, and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with her and her mother.   We chatted over the phone and decided what we wanted to accomplish during her session.  They had not planned on taking senior portraits, but decided at the end of the year that it would be fun to document this special time.  I’m so glad they called me and scheduled a session!

We wanted to beat the impending rain coming that weekend, so we chose to meet on a Wednesday evening which ended up being perfect!  The weather was cloudy and breezy and the temperature was perfect.

I absolutely love doing mini sessions for several reasons.  One, I can shoot very fast.   I always plan out my shoots ahead of time and I know exactly what I’m going to do throughout the session.  I always plan ahead for all of my sessions.  Having said that, I do allow time for inspiration or to try new things, but for the most part I know what I am going to do during the session.  Another reason that I love mini sessions is that for many people, it can be overwhelming to spend over an hour taking photos.  Many people prefer a shorter shooting time and I totally respect that.  I also don’t mind it when a family has one outfit that they like and we can get lots of looks just with one outfit.   Finally, I have chosen several locations that I specifically love for mini sessions.  I always deliver a wide variety of poses and ‘looks’ from my mini sessions.

So today’s blogged session took place in the senior’s neighborhood.  We shot in one general area and then we went just outside of the neighborhood to get a few shots with her car and her personalized license plate.  I love these personalized photos!  Totally unique to the senior!

Houston-Senior-Photographer-Klein-Oak-Senior-PIcsIf you know anyone who is in the class of 2015 have them call me to schedule their senior session!  I’m now booking class of 2015 senior pics!  281-974-8979

10 on 10 | Klein Oak Senior Photographer

Today I’ve got another handsome senior session to share!  And since it’s the 10th of the month, I’ll make it a 10 on 10 post!

The session I’m blogging today was such a pleasant surprise!  I knew the photos would look great, and I knew the senior would look great, but I had no idea how photogenic he would be!  I was so pleasantly surprised at how easily he moved about, and was so easy to work with!  He’s a total natural.  Plus, he’s got a great future in front of him.  He’s been accepted to several prestigious schools in TX, and I’m not sure which one he’s decided to attend yet, so I’ll let him share that when he’s ready.  Needless to say, he’s smart, handsome, and he’ll do well wherever he ends up!

So let’s get to the photos.  This session was great because we shot in his neighborhood (I like to make it as easy on the family as possible) and we found some great spots around the pool clubhouse and grounds.  I love traveling around Houston to scout out locations, but in reality, you don’t have to drive all over town to get great senior pics!  It’s all about the lighting, posing, and capturing the true personality of the senior!  Check out his photos, and leave a comment telling me which one is your favorite!  Thanks for stopping by the blog!


Now go check out the next photographer in the circle.  Stephanie Inman is pretty amazing.   I love her senior work too!

Friday Favorites | Houston Senior Photographer

Whew!  Friday is here again!  And now it’s a new month!  Time is surely flying by!

Speaking of time, this is a crazy busy time of year for High School Seniors too!  So many end-of-year, and end-of-school activities going on.  Banquets, parties, announcements, photos, proms, college apps, plans for the summer, plans for the future….  I’m tired just thinking about it!  But, it’s such a fun time of life!

Today’s favorite is a photo I took a few years ago (as I always post oldies on my Friday Favorites) and it’s one of my fav’s.  This senior girl rocked her senior pics!  She’s got the supermodel look down!  I just love her edgy look in the alley.

If you didn’t get senior pics this year, give me a call.  It’s never too late to have your photos taken.  Mom’s don’t put it off.  Before you know it, your kiddo will be moving out and you’ll wish you had taken photos!

And, if you’re a junior, get a jump on your senior pics!  Don’t wait.  Time flies by during the Fall and next Spring will be here before you know it!

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