Houston Photographer | Urban Teen Shoot Part 1

Whenever I get the chance, I love to schedule photo shoots just for fun.  I have several friends who are either hobbyists, or pro photographers, and we like to get together and shoot for fun.

A few weeks  ago, my friend Nikki Keith and I gathered 6 teen/tween boys and drove down to a nitty gritty part of Houston and had a blast shooting the boys in awesome urban settings.

We started near an old brewery and captured the boys hanging out with their skateboards.


I grabbed a few of the boys and snapped some portraits too.  What I love most about these portraits is how different each one is.  It is so important to me to capture each person I photograph in their own unique way.  I pose everyone a little differently, and I work very hard to create images that best reflect who they are as an individual.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, no cookie-cutter photography here.  I truly am a custom portrait photographer.  Each person I work with gets total custom treatment!


After we let the boys skate for a while, we drove over to another cool location.  We found some old loading docks with interesting graphics and  a little graffiti.


Then I walked over a few yards, and captured what might be my favorite shot from the day.  (I actually have several favorites from the day, but this one is ranked pretty high).


Then we got some amazing skyline shots.  I could shoot there day after day and not get bored!  I took some liberties and played around with photoshop and colors.  It’s so important to take time and shoot just for fun and play and try new things!



That’s just a sample of the fun shots we got that day.   I’ll be posting part 2 of this shoot later this week!

Even though the school year is almost over, I’ll still be shooting all summer.  I like to shoot year round.  Call me to schedule your unique custom photo shoot!  We can find a great location that suits your style!  281-974-8979

Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  • These are amazing Vera!! What a treat to get all these boys to agree to a day of photo snapping!! Lucky girl and lucky boys to have such awesome photos!! Your clients are truly blessed!

  • nikki7

    The sunflare on Zack’s picture is TO. DIE. FOR. Love it!! This was too fun. My friend wants some bridal shots at this location. I would love for you to come along. I will call you when we do it. This spot is so AWESOME!!

  • veramats

    Urban bridal sounds so fun! I’ll totally tag along! : )

  • veramats

    Thanks Nancy! By the way, let’s plan a lunch sometime soon! I’d love to hang out with you and get to know you IRL! : )

  • perezpark

    yes we are.;oP

  • perezpark

    Vera!!! these are amazing!!!!

  • Jonathan Hollins

    Hey Vera,
    My name is Jonathan, I Admire your work. My wife and I are looking to take some photos at the end of November. I wanted to know what were your prices?

  • Hi Jonathan, I’m sorry that I never replied to your comment. I don’t receive notifications from comments, so I only just now saw it.

    I’m no longer accepting photography clients. I have transitioned to being a full-time Realtor in the NW Houston area. I hope you found a photographer.

    Thanks so much!